Living the Life I Want!

What a whirlwind few months as I transition out of Open the Door Group and begin Haute Dauge Portraits!  In just a few short weeks, I’ve transformed to an Artist (with a capital A).  That means:

1. Taking lessons from a seasoned professional Artist (thanks, Stephen Lursen from Donna Downey Studios).

2. Participating in a weekly Open Studio session with about ten other artists in Huntersville.

3. Perusing the shelves and online stores of Michael’s, Binders, Dick Blick and other art-supply stores.

4. Discussing the merits of different brushes and learning what gesso means.


I’ve painted about five dog portraits and now working on my first PAID COMMISSIONED work, of a beautiful orange cat. Stay tuned!

More to come as I continue to live the life I want, in being an artist! I’ll be featuring some of my work, along with descriptive copy…so if you love dogs, cats, art and/or painting, please subscribe to my blog!

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