Painting Beloved Pets is So Gratifying

Today, my first official paying client (meaning not a family member) picked up the portrait I painted of his beloved dog. When he first saw the painting, tears sprung to his eyes. He commissioned me to paint his Golden Retriever, who had passed away this year. He is giving the portrait to his wife as a very special Christmas gift.

My client was thrilled. He loved the detail of the dog’s face, her bright brown eyes and pink nose.

The original photo was somewhat blurry, and the dog was on the grass.  In the portrait, I matched the background colors to those in his new home – yellows, greys and beiges.

I promised I wouldn’t post it anywhere on social media until after Christmas, to prevent his wife from finding out.  Better safe than sorry, right?  So right after Christmas, I’ll post a photo of the portrait. I’m so excited to hear how his wife reacts to the portrait. His thrilled and excited response to my art was so gratifying…it made my day.

Now, I move on to the next portrait…I have three more commissioned portraits to complete before Christmas.  Busy!

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